5 Signs You Should Visit Our New Site


5 Signs You Should Visit Our New Site

1. You’re a new student at Carleton.

If you’re entering into your first year at Carleton, hosts all the information you’ll need to transition into your new life here.

2. You’re wondering about any, or all, of the following questions: is a transition guide and directory that can answer all your questions.  It not only provides information on all of the above topics, but can link you to further detailed information when required.

3. Your parents have asked you a lot of questions, and you are tired of answering them.

Never fear: redirect your parents here.  This is an entire section on how they can best support you through university.

4. You’re hoping to have the absolute best student experience possible.

The Student Experience Office designed this website to provide a better experience for students.  On this site, you can find information on Summer Orientation and Fall Orientation, and learn how to register for both.  You can also access information on all the resources that will be available to you, including Awards & Financial Aid, the Student Academic Success Centre, Co-op & Career Services, and Health & Counselling Services.

5. You want reliable information, and you want it quickly. is an official page for new students.  Facebook or social media groups can’t convey the same depth of information that this site can.  It’s also very user-friendly and can be navigated using the tabs along the left side.

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