5 Peaceful Summertime Places on Campus

Manahil Bandukwala is a second-year English student.


5 Peaceful Summertime Places on Campus

Manahil Bandukwala is a second-year English student.

The Rideau River on one side, and the Rideau Canal on the other, locks in Carleton’s compact campus. Upon first glance, the ideal studying, or just relaxing, spot seems to be by the rushing water…except, when the sun’s rays are beating down on that rare occasion, many students have the same thought process, and sometimes the riverside is too cluttered with people to enjoy.

Luckily, it only takes a bit of exploring to find new solitary spots.


When walking down the river, towards the athletics’ side, narrow and uneven dirt paths appear, and they lead down to the river. Here, hidden from view, you can see the train rush by and the buildings peeking out – and without the buzz of students all around when you just want that peace and quiet.


Walking further along, now past the athletics’ side, eventually you’ll reach Bronson Bridge – and it’s covered with graffiti, even the ceiling. Either sit underneath it in the solace of shade, or lean against the opposite side, enjoying the river in its solitude.


One thing you’ll often see when sitting by the river is people walking or cycling by on the other side, and you’ll wonder how to get there. If you exit campus from Bronson Avenue, eventually you’ll reach the bridge (the graffitied one), except this time you’re on top. And then, a stairway leads down to the road by the river, and there you are, seeing campus from a new angle.


Following the river trail towards athletics eventually opens up into a large field, and crossing the field leads back to water. Here though it’s still – more still than the river. So calm, that it creates the perfect mirror for the trees that line the horizon line. The best place here to sit and stare out and just think is a dock (it’s pretty hard to miss). And, if you’re willing to walk there in the dark, the dock makes a beautiful place to stargaze from.


If you want a change of scenery from Carleton’s buildings, down the canal at a short, twenty-minute walk away, is Hog’s Back Falls. By the rushing water, the spraying mist, and the rainbows (from the right angle) – it’s an extremely relaxing place to escape the stress of university from. Best of all, there is a path in Hog’s Back Park that leads to the part of the river across campus, and from there, to Bronson Bridge, where you can just loop back around.

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