Life at Carleton as Told by Pumpkins

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.


Life at Carleton as Told by Pumpkins

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.

You probably start your morning with a trip on OcTranspumpkin.

Prochaine Station: Pumpkin Town!

Sometimes, you’re tripping over others to get to your class on time.

Whoa, didn’t see ya there, pumpkin.

Then when you get to your 8:35 am class, you’re struggling to stay awake, just like these pumpkins.

You’re looking a little peaky there, pumpkin.

After class,  you take a stroll past the buildings on campus. Around half of them have giant posters of alumni smiling at you.

Then you see Mackenzie Building.


Via BHG.

Is it one building? Is it seven? Who knows?

If you’re lucky, you can take an afternoon nap in your residence room.


Via Ellen.

Or in your pumpkin. You know, whatever.

Then you’re all rested to join the Ravens at our next sports match.


Which we obviously win, because Carleton always wins. Did someone say Pedro the Pumpkin?


Via Flickr.

Oh, I’d rather be a pumpkin than a horse!

If it’s autumn, our campus probably looks like this.

The leaves are fifty shades of pumpkin right now.

You can find a nice spot in the quad and just pumpkin out.


Via Tumblr.

Every pumpkin deserves to put their feet up.

This also means it’s the season to buy a generic, NON-pumpkin spice latte.

I’m just kidding. It’s obviously a pumpkin spice latte.

But then winter happens . . . and we all look like this.

If this pumpkin had a nose, it would be numb right now.

Luckily, you can hide in the tunnels.

Which, unfortunately, are not shaped like giant pumpkins. Yet.

Or you can warm up with a coffee and a snack in Roosters.

A pumpkin-spiced snack a day keeps the doctor away.

Seriously, though. Roosters even has a fireplace now!

Roasted pumpkin seeds, anyone?

And if you do go outside, you have lots of snow to build with.

Do you want to build a pumpkin?

Or you can play hockey on the frozen Rideau Canal.

Ready for Pumpkin Night in Canada.

And I bet you didn’t know that Carleton has a history of growing giant pumpkins.

The manager of the Carleton University Greenhouse, Ed Bruggink, grows giant pumpkins near campus every year. His pumpkins have been known to weigh more than 700 pounds. That’s a lot of pumpkin!

Now you’re well-versed on the life of the typical Carleton pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

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