19 things that are likely to happen to you on campus this exam season

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.


19 things that are likely to happen to you on campus this exam season

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.

1. Find the perfect study spot on campus and set up a fort there.

Even if it’s just to sit there, hide from the world and watch Netflix.

2. And then refuse to leave that spot for hours because you know that someone else wants your spot.

Bathroom breaks and snack breaks are overrated, anyways.

3. You can’t even run for the O-train anymore because you’re far too tired.

R2-D2 never knew the hardship of exams.

4. Drink so much coffee that you know exactly when every on-campus coffee shop opens and closes.

Via Tumblr.

How did people exist, pre-coffee? Was there even a world, pre-coffee?

5. Stay on campus for so many consecutive hours that you debate showering on campus and living in an unused classroom.

No shame if you end up doing either.

6. Eat so many bagelwiches that you turn into a bagelwich yourself.


There is no love like the love between a Raven and their bagelwich.

7. Finally visit the Carleton Bookstore to buy the textbook you’ve needed all semester.

Or am I the only one who just did that?

8. Fall asleep, at least for five minutes, in some reclusive corner of MacOdrum Library.

Or anywhere with a chair, really.

9. Find yourself walking senselessly up a flight of stairs and have no idea how you got there.

Whatever set of stairs you pick to climb, don’t pick the ones in Dunton. You just won’t make it.

10. Order a large fries from the Golden Fries truck. And then drown them in tears and ketchup.

If the first batch of fries doesn’t cheer you up, order another.

11. Power snack on Ravens Trail Mix at 2:00 in the morning.

The only place where you can buy food at that time is from the vending machine.

 12. Stock up on some of the free snacks in the atrium.

CUSA will be in the atrium at some times giving out snacks, and the Exam Pause Table will be set up after December 11.

13. Toss all of your exam notes down the four flights of stairs in the UC.

Just kidding. The year’s only half over.

14. Have an exam scheduled in Alumni Hall. And then ask yourself where “Alumni Hall” is.

In case you aren’t sure, Alumni Hall is the Raven’s Nest (i.e., the place in Athletics with all the basketball).

15. Sit through an exam in Alumni Hall and, instead of writing your exam, stare at the massive ad for Gabriel Pizza.

Via Giphy.

Could they have picked a more distracting poster for exam time? Look at all that cheese…

16. Then you leave Alumni Hall and Tim Hortons is right there.

You overestimate my post-exam willpower, Tim Hortons.

17. You have that brief moment of post-exam celebration.


Good places to celebrate include Rooster’s, Ollie’s and Mike’s Place.

18. And then you realize that the rest of your exams are approaching, and you drag yourself back to MacOdrum Library.

Via Tumblr.

19. But your friends will already be there, and now you can all study together.

And they’re here to support you through this stressful time.

You might not feel too confident sometimes in this exam season.

But whatever happens, don’t let the exam season bring you down. You’ll probably do better than you think you will.

And, at worst, the Olsens still believe in you. Good luck!

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