Harry Potter perfectly represents the stages of university

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.


Harry Potter perfectly represents the stages of university

Christine Lyons is a fourth-year English student.

First Year

Starting your first day with determination. And things seem to go smoothly.

A few classes later, and you’re still trying to figure out what this university thing is all about.

Seriously. What is this?

You need to figure out what your priorities are.

And you also need to figure out how to take care of yourself.

You write your first set of exams.

Only to find out that it’s supposed to get more difficult next year.

Second Year

Is it just me, or does your first day back seem to be hurtling toward disaster?

It improves when you see your friends after that first summer apart.

You’ve finally gained confidence in the classroom.

But soon the homework piles up. What happened to the social life you had in first year?

Exams show up again. And that kind of goes the same way.

Third Year

You’ve just watched the last two years of your life flash by.

You’re even starting to feel more like a real adult than a student.

Psych. You’re still exactly where you used to be.

And your third year professors are there to show you just how much you still have to learn.

Nonetheless, you’ve finally gotten the hang of this university thing. And it’s actually pretty fun.

You’ve even learned how to sort out your priorities. By this point, people know not to distract you when you’re in the library.

Because, you know, exams.

Fourth Year

You have epic plans for this year to be your best year.

And you feel like you can accomplish anything.

But soon you find out there’s still more to learn.

The material’s so difficult that, once again, you aren’t entirely sure what’s happening.

Just try not to look confused. Even in the face of disaster.

Nonetheless, you’re becoming successful at what you do.

Just don’t get too confident about it.

Because exams are still coming.

And you’ll need to muster up every ounce of strength you have left to persevere at the end.

But don’t worry. I’m confident you’ll slay.

And you’ll look back on your university degree feeling incredibly proud of your accomplishments.

And of the awesome people you’ve become.

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