I check the temperature 146 times a day. Was that cool air?

Mike Reynolds, Communications Officer for the MacOdrum Library.


I check the temperature 146 times a day. Was that cool air?

Mike Reynolds, Communications Officer for the MacOdrum Library.


It is something I think about on average 146 times a day. I look at the weather app on my phone every hour, I look at the thermostat in our office every hour too, commenting on whether or not we’ve gained or lost heat in our room. I check to see how hot it is in my car as soon as we leave for the day and I get in to deep conversations with my daughter about how “it feels like we’re on the sun whenever we’re in a traffic jam.”

At Carleton, my interest in weather at this time of year is heightened. These spring days that lead up to summer are the days where I earn my 146 times a day average.


Because of the Turning On The Air Conditioning Process.

There is a policy in place that helps dictate when we make the switch from heating to cooling

Annually, FMP does a systems switchover from heating to cooling taking into account two important constraints:

(1) three consecutive days of 25 degrees Celsius outside temperature, and
(2) weather projections for the next 14 days.

The weather projections are very important because if we were to start the cooling systems and subsequently have water freeze in the cooling towers and pipes, this could inflict major damage to the mechanical parts of the systems, delaying cooling for the season while systems are repaired – and we do not want to do that.

The switchover process usually starts mid May.  However, we continue to monitor temperatures and weather forecasts and will respond as appropriate.

This happens to be a policy I agree with and completely understand. But, we’re talking about weather here and I rarely think rationally when it comes to my weather.

And so, at this time of year, I focus extra hard on the temperatures. I have very literally sworn at my phone upwards of 100 times in the past week, as I look ahead at really hot temperatures and then see something that dips below 25 degrees Celsius eight days away.

“Damn it, get hotter! Don’t you dare ruin the ‘weather projections for the next 14 days’ portion of the switchover policy!” I yell in my office. But I don’t mean I want my office to get hotter because of course, the switchover hasn’t happened yet and it’s nearly 35 degrees Celsius.

It’s 28 degrees Celsius right now. It was 27.8 when I started this story but I’ve checked a few times since. This is a pretty comfortable temperature these days, I’m used to this. Still, I’m looking at the weather and I see a few potentially ruinous days in the long term forecast. I’ve come to hate these days.

I’ve come to hate my weather app.

I know there are other weather watchers out there. This is part of being in Canada. I just want you to know you aren’t alone in your minute by minute monitoring of the cooling vents.

“Was that a blast of cold air?! Is it here?”

It will be. Soon. In our classrooms and offices and libraries and eating spaces. And it will feel cool.

And then we’ll finally be able to talk again about how it’s too cold in this place.

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