5 Reasons why the Summer Semester is the Best Semester

David Oladejo is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student.


5 Reasons why the Summer Semester is the Best Semester

David Oladejo is a third-year Mechanical Engineering student.

For 6 out of the 8 months of the fall and winter semesters, I trudge through the tunnels with my extra layers on, head on a swivel as tunnel carts race by, and a look on my face that says, “I do not want your pamphlets.” There are a few times during tunnel season that the overflow of activity in the tunnels influence me into attempting to brave the cold. It is in those moments that I long for the warmth of summer, as my tears turn to ice on my face.

Summer time on Campus is a completely different story; full of laughter, sunshine, and groundhogs. Here are 5 quick reasons why the summer semester is the best semester.

Outdoor Activities

Campus is back alive and green again reminding us all of one reason we fell in love with this place. Students can enjoy lunch along the canal, the river, or in the quad with a group of friends. Napping in the quad under the shade of the trees is also a popular activity around this time. The weather is perfect for sports, casual walks, outdoor reading, and even groundhog watching. Zac Efron best represents how I feel on campus during the summer semester:

Groundhog Appearances

Every day is Groundhog Day on campus. The little plump rodents continue to capture the hearts of students and staff alike. Once the groundhogs come out of hibernation, they are a symbol the upcoming wonderful weather for the next few months. There are never shortages of groundhog memes and tweets during the year, but seeing the university’s unofficial mascot up close is an experience of its own.

Summer Style

As the fall and winter semesters progressed, my fashion sense became more and more comparable to a sack of potatoes. The same can be said for the general student population. As temperatures have heated up over the past couple weeks, so has the fashion sense on campus. Being able to get rid of the extra winter layers, has revealed how stylish our student body truly is. Personally, my sock and shoe game is at an all-time high between May and August.

Food Lines are more manageable

With the exception of the first floor Tim Hortons at peak hours, the waiting time for food during the summer semester is dramatically shorter. Based on unofficial research, it is 58% easier to buy a sub, and 72% easier to buy two slices of Pizza, at the UC food court during this time of the school year. Once again Zac Efron with the accurate representation:

It IS Summer

After months of never-ending stress, and grueling course loads for some, summer time brings about a very different atmosphere. Campus is much quieter so students can feel more relaxed while being productive at the same time. Aside from all the great things about campus during the summer, there is also time to enjoy many of the tourist attractions around Ottawa. Ottawa really comes alive with all sorts of festivals and celebrations. In addition, barbecues, beach days, and patio visits are all options for relaxation on weeknights or during the weekends.

Check out a list of things to do in Ottawa during the summer.

Disclaimer: The statistics presented in this post are not factual and are for entertainment purposes only. No research was carried out into the ease of acquiring food on campus.

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