6 Carleton Videos to Watch Between Classes


6 Carleton Videos to Watch Between Classes

6. Daniel Alfredsson awarded degree of Doctor of Laws

Campus was buzzing with excitement during one of the June 2016 convocations when Daniel Alfredsson received his honorary doctorate degree. Alfrie received the honor with class and also had a handful of witty one-liners and jokes riddled throughout his speech. He begins his speech by saying, “I came to Canada in August of ’95, didn’t know a lot about the country. I knew what a Raven was, still don’t know what a Gee Gee is.”

5. Moves Like Rodney 3

Often known as the best mascot in the Nation, Rodney the Raven is back at it again with the dance moves. If you thought to yourself, “I wonder if there is more of where that came from…”, you’re in luck. Moves Like Rodney is a five part series, be sure to watch them all!

4. Carleton Groundhog

There are no words that adequately describe this video. Although some that come to mind are, greatness, legendary, magnificent, etc.

3. Successful FutureFunder Crowdfunding Projects

Carleton harbors a very strong philanthropic environment, and our award winning crowdfunding platform,, has raised thousands of dollars for a variety of projects. Take a look at the interesting and innovative projects that you may not have known about. Click here, to learn more about

2. 2014 Panda Game Hail Mary

Do you even go to Carleton if you don’t talk about the last play in the 2014 Panda Game? Goosebumps every time.

*Carleton won the 2015 Panda Game on an overtime field goal.*

1. Carleton University: The Capital Advantage

Grab your Carleton hoodie, blanket, and hat. This minute long masterpiece captures only a few of the many reasons we love this place.

Warning: You may be urged to keep that hoodie on forever.

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